Medicaid Expansion: The right choice for Wyoming

All across Wyoming, business groups, community leaders, doctors, nurses, and other critical health care providers are coming together to support Medicaid Expansion – a common sense solution that will benefit every sector of our economy: small and large businesses, hospitals, and more than 20,000 Wyomingites who work hard for a living but still can’t afford insurance.  

Expanding Medicaid is a win-win for Wyoming. It will bring an estimated $268 million of our tax dollars back home, and help to significantly reduce our $200 million budget shortfall.

With oil and gas revenue down, these are tough economic times for our state and for many working families in Wyoming.  Expanding Medicaid would help cover residents who earn too little to receive financial help to purchase insurance but too much to receive Medicaid under its current eligibility limits. These are construction workers, carpenters, ranch and agriculture workers —people who have fallen into a gap with no options for affordable health insurance.

Together, Wyoming can craft a state-specific approach to Medicaid expansion that keeps us in control of how our tax dollars are invested. If other states have found a responsible way to expand health coverage for their citizens and save taxpayer dollars, we should be able to do it here in Wyoming.

Need more info, check out: What would Medicaid Expansion mean for Wyoming?

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